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Yarn-a-Thon May 2018

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Have you heard?  We’re running our annual Yarn-a-Thon for the month of May, with an Overnight Knit on the 26 & 27 May, and we’re fundraising for beyondblue.  Read all about it below – and if we’ve missed anything, give us a call on 03 5962 6635.



Our Yarn-a-Thon is a sponsored fundraiser that will run for the entire month of May during which you can knit, hook, sew, stitch and weave to raise funds and awareness about mental health, with proceeds going to beyondblue.  By taking part in the event, you will be helping raise awareness about the considerable benefits that crafting has on mental health.

You can make any item for anyone.  People can sponsor you per completed item, or simply make a donation. The fundraising will wrap up with a 24-hour Overnight Knit, running from midday on Sat 26 May to midday Sun 27 May, at Crumbz Craft’s shop in Healesville’s Main Street.  If you aren’t able to attend the Healesville event, host an Overnight Knit with your own craft group and friends wherever you may be, and connect your event with ours via social media. This is a fabulous opportunity to promote your craft group as part of a very worthwhile event. 

The above flow diagram "How it Works" is a summary of how it all works, and your Registration Pack that you will download once you have registered, also provides full details on the event.


Everybody.  Beginners are just as welcome to participate as experienced crafters, so whether you’re just learning to knit, sew, stitch or weave; or have been crafting for years, are in a group or school who would like to collectively support the event – a big hearty welcome to each of you, and here’s to crafting with you.

If you’d like to be involved but aren’t a crafter, we’d love you to show your support by sponsoring someone who is taking part, or making a donation to the event via  And if you would like to take this opportunity to learn a new craft, you could always sign up for a lesson or workshop at Crumbz Craft.


What do I need to do to get started?

  • First, register yourself online (at the top of this page) or in store and get your registration pack.
  • Your registration pack includes information on free patterns, and kits you can buy.
    How much does it cost? Nothing, it’s free to be involved.

    What is included in the registration pack:
    • An overview of beyondblue and why Crumbz Craft has chosen it as its annual charity to support
    • Your craft log, to keep track of your completed projects
    • Your sponsorship form, to fill in with your sponsors and pledges
    • Information on how to pay in your contribution

    How does payment work?
    We’ve set up an Everyday Hero account for you to deposit your money into and all the details are in the registration pack

    Do I need to raise a certain amount?
    Whatever amount you raise will be fantastic…because being a group fundraiser, every little bit helps.

    How can I share my progress?
    We’d LOVE you to share pictures of your items as they are progressing: Your registration pack contains all the information you’ll need about hashtags and sharing photos and videos.

    Crochet Butterfly Pattern
    You can also help us yarn bomb the light pole in the Main Street outside Crumbz.  beyondblue’s logo is a butterfly so we’re going to cover the pole in beyondblue's colours and butterflies - we’d love your help, so here's a free butterfly crochet pattern to download and you can pick up a complimentary bag of yarn from Crumbz and help us brand our light pole full of butterflies ready for our fundraiser.

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